We are a symphonic metal band from Berlin, Germany. Two singers, two guitar players, a bass player and a drummer complemented by orchestra and choirs from a laptop computer. We have been active in the music scene since 1994, have released three albums and pursue our music with a lot of excitement and experience. We love Jesus and are active members of the churches EFG Oberkrämer ( and LKG Fredersdorf (

We would love to perform our show "Revelation" at your venue. It is a musical journey through the Book of Revelation of the bible. We will take the audience on a journey that commences in God's throne room, leads through the living apocalypse with intense music and strongs lyrics and finds a peaceful ending on the new earth. Our shows can be between 5 and 14 songs long. We are able to provide a great looking presentation to project the English lyrics of our songs onto a screen. 

Videos to Get to Know Us


Technical Rider

Technical Rider Bühnenplan, 211117

Musicians and instruments

  1. Florian - Vocals

  2. Felix - Vocals

  3. Ludwig - Guitar

  4. Julius - Guitar

  5. Silas - Bass Guitar

  6. Philipp - Drums

  7. Laptop - Orchestra, Choirs

Mixing console

Min. 15 to max. 23 channels (depending on the amount of drums microphones)

  • 3 channels vocals

  • 2 channels guitars (outputs: 1x DI Out XLR, 1x use a microphone)

  • 1 channels bass guitar (output: DI Out XLR)

  • 5 channels laptop: orchestra, choirs, click, (outputs: DI Out XLR)

  • min. 4 to max. 12 channels drums

    • Kick Drum Trigger Modul (out: unsymmetrical TRS)

    • Snare

    • 6x toms

    • 2x gong drums

    • 2x overhead microphones

  • 6 monitor channels

Gear to be provided by the venue

  • 3 monitor speakers on stage (2x guitar player, bass player)

  • 3 monitor outs XLR für our own wired in ear monitoring systems (2x singer, drummer)

  • 3 microphone stands (2x singer, drummer)

  • Microphones and microphone stands for drums and 1x guitar (the other guitar uses DI Out)

  • DI box for our kick drum trigger module

  • 3 compressors (2x vocal, bass guitar)

  • Reverb (vocals)

  • Beamer/projector (HDMI input) und projector screen, in case the lyrics should be projected

  • 15 power outlets on stage


What will we bring

  • 3 microphones

  • Guitars and amps

  • Bassguitar und amp

  • Drums

  • Laptop with audio interface

  • 3x wired in ear monitoring system

  • Backdrop with our band name (3,5 m x 2 m)

Show length

5 - 14 songs, 30 - 70 min

  1. Throne

  2. Scroll

  3. Seals

  4. Silence

  5. Trumpets

  6. Kingdom

  7. Plagues

  8. Babylon

  9. Gospel

  10. Faithful

  11. Thousand Years

  12. Abyss

  13. Judgment

  14. New Earth